About Felipe Moyano

A little bit about me and the things I've worked on.

I'm a software developer, entrepreneur and builder of products. I love to work in the narrow space of where technology, design and user needs.

I used to work on Savy, a startup I co-founded in 2017 to make fitness and wellness more accessible in Colombia.

This is my personal space to learn in public and share some of the lessons I've learned in the past. Some articles will focus on programming, other's will focus in the challenges of creating digital products and strong product teams at my current role in [Sumz](https://www.linkedin.com/company/newco-proximamente/)

Right now I'm exploring topics about

aprender aprender

Este es un espacio donde pretendo aplicar la filosofía de aprender en público. Si quieres acompañarme en este viaje de aprendizaje de nuevos conceptos y productos, no dudes en suscribirte a la lista de correo.

Actualmente me encuentro empleado en una nueva startup llamada Sumz. Es un emprendimiento enfocado en generar valor a partir de sinergias de datos de distintas empresas.